Cooking With Natural Gas

Natural gas provides instant heat and total control when cooking up a storm in the kitchen, meaning that all the flavours can be experienced in your favourite dishes.


When you cook on a natural gas cooktop, the temperature can be controlled swiftly and adjusted with ease. When you turn a gas burner off, it cools immediately.

Gas burners are safer as well, because you can physically see when they are on.


Finding a cooker to fit into your kitchen design is no problem. Gas ovens are available for installation in wall cavities, under bench tops or as part of an all-in-one unit with gas burners, meaning that there is one to suit your lifestyle and space requirements. There are also free standing gas cookers available.

The sizes of gas ovens vary greatly. Depending on your cooking demands, you can choose from huge commercial-sized units to ovens suited for more compact situations.

You can choose from convection ovens, fan-forced convection ovens, or a combination of both.