Gas Emergency Information

Gas incidents are rare but can occur. To report gas leaks or other gas emergencies, call 1802 111 for assistance at any time.

In case of fire call 000 immediately.

If it is safe to do so:

  • try to extinguish flames using a fire blanket or an appropriate extinguisher
  • turn off the gas at the gas meter.

Never ignore your senses.

If you smell gas take the following precautions:

  • turn off the gas at the meter but only if safe to do so;
  • extinguish all flames and do not smoke or strike matches;
  • do not operate electrical switches or devices;
  • if inside a dwelling open doors and windows to ventilate the area; and
  • keep people away from the affected area.

Your distributor will fix gas leaks associated with the meter and pipework it is responsible for, however, any gas leaks between the meter and your property and inside your property (including appliance issues) are your responsibility to have fixed by a licenced gas fitter. 

If your meter is turned off for any reason, it can only be turned on by the distributor who will check to make sure it is safe to do so.

If you have a gas outage or your equipment fails to work

If possible, check if the outage is affecting your neighbours.  If it is just affecting your home, it may be a localised fault. If your equipment is not working and there is no sign of a gas leak, check that your gas supply valve is still in the ‘on’ position and you have mains power as most new gas appliances require power to operate. If you have done this and that is the case, do not attempt the fix the appliance yourself. Contact the gas emergency and outage number on 1802 111 if you have no Natural Gas at all, but contact a qualified gas fitter if it is a problem with a specific appliance.

If you suspect a gas leak in your home

Turn off your gas supply at the meter and open the doors and windows. Remove ignition sources and contact your gasfitter.

Gas leak or smell of gas in the street or at the meter

Contact the gas emergency line immediately on 1802 111. If you can’t reach this number when using your mobile phone, call 02 9397 9013 or 131 909

Cold Snaps

Victoria can have some very cold mornings, going below zero degrees. If you find that you have lost your Natural Gas supply during this time, PLEASE contact 1802 111. This gas emergency hotline is operated 24/7 and will be able to help you in getting your Natural Gas going again.

Working around a buried gas network

If you’re working in or around the gas infrastructure, always dial before you dig. For more information call 1100.

Disruption to supply

Tas Gas Retail or Brookfield Regional Networks Networks will contact you directly or via the media, depending on the circumstances

If you require any further gas emergency information, please contact Tas Gas Retail on 1800 760 771 (calls outside Tasmania on 03 6336 9386) or email us.

Bushfire Risk Days

On bushfire risk days and if you live in a high risk area, your gas supply may be interrupted due to a fault or as a precaution, but only in extreme conditions will TGR arrange with the distributor to turn off the gas in your area. If you leave your home during any gas outages, make sure you turn off your gas appliances before leaving.