Energy Saving Tips

At Tas Gas Retail, we are here to help you save on energy costs!  Following some of these tips will help you to save when using Natural Gas.


  • Set your temperature to a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius. Controlling your maximum temperature will help to minimize your costs.
  • Use the thermostat on your heating system to ensure that the appliance switches off when it has reached the required temperature
  • Use the timer on your heating system to control when the heater in running and to only use it when you want it
  • If you can, don’t leave your heating on overnight.  As gas heating is instant, it will become warm quickly on cold mornings
  • Service your product regularly to ensure that it is running efficiently
  • Use zoning on your ducted heating system to only heat the rooms as required.
  • Install room-by-room control settings to heat rooms and different temperatures and to not waste unwanted heat.
  • Buy thicker curtains for the winter to keep heat in
  • Instead of turning the heater on, consider using an extra layer of clothing or more blankets
  • Use more blankets and doonas during the winter period to lessen the need for more heat
  • Ensure your house has insulation and any door drafts are minimised
  • Use rugs on floorboards or tiled floors
  • Upgrade your old heater to a new energy efficient model
  • Install a remote so you can control the temperature of your system easily

Hot Water

  • Wash your clothing in cold rather than warm water
  • Restrict the number of baths you have and utilize showers
  • Have shorter showers and use a shower timer to limit the amount of time the family is in the shower
  • Maintain your hot water system and ensure that it is serviced regularly
  • Only use the water you need when washing dishes
  • Get your gas fitter to install the hot water system in an area near the kitchen/bathroom/laundry to degrease lag times for hot water
  • Install a remote so you can control the temperature of your system easily
  • Upgrade your old hot water system to a new energy efficient model
  • Immediately repair dripping hot water taps and replace any shower heads with water saving models


  • Ensure the flame on your gas cooktop is blue. If it is yellow, you will need a gas fitter to come and fix it
  • Install an energy efficient system that uses electronic spark ignition rather than a continuous burning pilot light
  • Limit the times the oven door is opened whilst cooking and try to cook multiple items at once
  • Don’t preheat the oven if you don’t have to. Gas is instantaneous and sometimes it will not need to be left to heat up
  • Keep ovens and burners clean to ensure that the appliances are running efficiently

Outdoor Appliances

  • Defrost food before grilling it onto the BBQ
  • Cook multiple dishes at the same time and ensure that the lid is not lifted often
  • Be mindful of the size of the area that you will be heating with your outdoor heater and ensure you purchase a correct size
  • Install the outdoor heater in a sheltered area that still meets any clearance requirements