Gas Hot Water For Your Home

Continuous Flow Hot Water

Continuous hot water units heat water instantly, so you have all the hot water you need – any time of day or night and they heat only the water you require, to the temperature you desire. So no more cold showers!

These technologically advanced systems offer significant savings in space and running costs through their innovative operation and design. The basic difference is the absence of a storage component in these systems, resulting in a much smaller physically sized unit.

Water can be heated to the required temperature using remotes, meaning added safety for your children and eliminating the need to mix hot water with cold water.

No “unnecessarily hot” heating of water, no storing and no cooling – how simple!

The advantages of a gas continuous flow hot water system are;

  • Lifestyle benefits are increased with readily available hot water – cold showers will be a thing of the past.
  • Safety is important, and the risk of burns and scalds is reduced with children and the elderly, as water is only heated to the temperature required for use.
  • Money is not needlessly spent heating water for storage, which then subsequently cools down triggering on an endless cycle of reheating and cooling before you get around to using it.
  • By not having to mix hot and cold, your water temperature won’t fluctuate – no worries if you are in the shower when someone turns on the dishwasher or flushes the toilet!
  • Valuable wall space can be saved through compact design – space that can be used for something else.