Getting started

The connection process

1. Using the pipeline locator, check your property is on the natural gas network.
2. Complete the application form in full.  
3. Submit your application online or return the completed application form using the replied paid envelope supplied in your Tas Gas Retail kit.
4. Tas Gas Retail will contact you to confirm receipt of your application.
5. The distributor will call you to arrange a site inspection. At the inspection a meter location diagram will be left in your letterbox.
6. A representative from the distributor will contact you to discuss the site inspection and arrange a convenient time for the service connection.
7. The construction team will complete the service connection and install a gas meter.
8. Once the meter has been installed, a licensed gasfitter can now install and connect your appliances.
9. When the gasfitter has completed the installation you need to advise us  and we will unlock the meter to complete the connection.

However, under Victorian Building Authority (VBA) requirements, before we can turn the gas on the gasfitter must have:

  • a certificate number and PIN from VBA
  • completed a Victorian Building Authority Compliance Certificate ;
  • lodged the certificate with VBA;

Be sure to insist your gasfitter complies with these VBA requirements.  You should keep the Compliance Certificate somewhere safe for six years because it carries insurance to protect you against defective work and ensure the gasfitter details are entered in your account application.

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