Heating Your Home With Gas

Remember the days when you were nice and warm in your home? With natural gas heating it is virtually on the minute you walk in the door. When it’s cold, natural gas performs better than electricity. It warms a room within minutes and is cheaper and more effective in the long term. Most importantly, natural gas is a more comfortable heating. It provides instant, short, intensive heat without draughts, dust or condensation. It is the perfect source of heating for families with health problems. There are many different gas heating solutions for your home, meaning that there will be a product to suit you.

Ducted Heating

Ducted heating is a form of central heating that provides heating for your entire home through a system of ducting and room outlets. The result is comfortable and controllable warmth in every room.

A specialist installer can zone your home and program the unit. This means you can heat your entire house or zone your home for when you only want to heat a certain area. With a thermostat control, you can heat the rooms to the desired temperature and save money on energy costs.

Ducted heating is better installed in the floor as it means less energy is used to move the air around the home. 

Ducted heating should be looked as an investment that will provide luxury and comfort in the short term, while adding value to your home in the long term.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating uses hot water to provide heating for the whole home, and can be used as an economical and highly effective form of space heating. 

In the majority of hydronic heating systems, the water is heated in a boiler and then pumped through piping to panel radiators or convectors positioned in each room. Heat is transferred directly from these to the room air.

In-slab systems are also available, where heat is pumped through pipe laid in a concrete slab floor during its construction. Heat is released into the slab and then into the room.

Hydronic systems produce both radiated as well as convected heat, which is very quiet. They are energy efficient and a comfortable source of heating. They can also help to reduce the effects of allergies as air particles are not circulated around the air as quickly as with ducted heating systems.

Flame Effect Fires

People have been using fire to warm up their houses for centuries. The warmth and atmosphere of a wood fire are very appealing to households.

The range of natural gas flame fire heaters and gas log heaters now allow households to enjoy the comfort and ambiance of a wood heater without the effects of smoke pollution, and without the added hassle of collecting wood and starting up the fire. The gas flame fire heaters add convenience to a home, and the atmosphere they create is unbeatable.

Gas flame-effect fires are available as either freestanding or inbuilt models that can be installed into a fireplace.

Some of these fires boast the most advanced technology in the world today with a host of additional features for added comfort and control, whilst adding a touch of elegance to your home. Features include a remote control, programmable timers and full thermostatic control.

Space Heating

Space heating is the first choice in many Australian homes due to their modern features. Well-known for their style, efficiency, technology and long life, space heaters offer advanced features which makes them the popular choice in the market place.

There are two types of heating – convective and radiant. Convective gas heaters efficiently move warm air around your chosen heating space. Radiant heaters heat the people and objects of the room where the heat is directed, providing comfort. Gas space heaters have many features, including timers and thermostats. These give you the ability to control the temperature of your home and the heat output with the flick of a switch. You can pre-set the appliance to your personal preference, and then enjoy your warm home. Gas space heating provides cosy warmth to your individual living areas. Space heaters can either be flued and fixed to a section of your home, or can be unflued and ran with a bayonet point. The advantages of space heaters include:

  • Instant warmth; which heats your room or home much faster
  • Modulating for better temperature control
  • Improved comfort and work
  • Will not drop in outside temperatures compared with heat pumps, making them the best choice when it is really cold outside.
  • Easier on the environment